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Investment Philosophy and Policy

Premier REIT Advisors Co., Ltd. (PRA) stands on the side of investors to form and operate real estate investment trusts, placing top priority on the interest of investors.

Enhance Stability of Earnings from Investment Assets

In order to enhance stability of earnings from the investment assets, PRA invests primarily in high-quality properties with superior liquidity and negotiability, located in the Tokyo metropolitan area where the real estate market is stable.

Mitigate Risks

PRA works to disclose information to the utmost possible degree in an effort to provide products that can be easily understood by investors.


In order to mitigate risks for investors, PRA aims to form and manage funds with a compound portfolio that invest in not only office buildings but also residential properties.

Pursue High Growth Potential

In its endeavor to pursue high growth potential, PRA works to enhance profitability and added value of respective properties by ensuring thorough property management.