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About REITs

Structure of REITs

A real estate investment trust is an investment instrument that invests in real estate by using funds collected from investors and other resources and distributes rental revenues from the investment assets or gain on sale of owned properties to investors as dividends. Dubbed as REITs, they are widely popular in the U.S. due to their tax benefits and high liquidity. In Japan, the Act on Investment Trusts and Investment Corporations was revised in November 2000 to make it possible to form real estate investment trusts, and the Tokyo Stock Exchange established the Real Estate Investment Trust Section in March 2001. Subsequently, the first Japanese REIT (J-REIT) made a debut in September 2001, while Premier Investment Corporation listed in September 2002. Based on this historical background, the real estate investment market in Japan is expected to achieve further growth going forward.

Structure of REIT